McCoy Building celebrates 40 years

Past and present staff members and students gathered together on Tuesday 23 May to mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of the McCoy Building, home of the School of Earth Sciences.

Guests included the Head of School, Professor Dave Phillips, along with three former Heads, Professor Janet Hergt, Professor Reid Keays and Professor John Lovering. Professor Lovering was instrumental in the establishment of the McCoy Building, and helped to formally open it in 1977. It was on his insistence that the bridge linking the McCoy Building to what is now Physics South was built, as he refused to relocate from Old Geology if there wasn't a link between this first off-campus building and the rest of the University. 

Following speeches by Professor Phillips, Professor Lovering and Edmund 'Bernie' Joyce,who gave a short history of the building and the School, a picture of the building, painted by former student Kirby Vearing, was presented and hung in the common area.


Pictured: Professor Janet Hergt, Professor John Lovering, Professor Dave Phillips and Professor Reid Keays stand in front of a picture painted for the McCoy Building's 40th anniversary.