David Karoly awarded prestigious Royal Society Victoria medal

Professor David Karoly is the 2015 winner of the Royal Society of Victoria's Medal for Scientific Excellence in the Earth Sciences.

This Medal is only awarded every four years and this is only the second time in its 50 year history that it has been awarded to a scientist working outside the traditional solid earth sciences.

A Professor of Atmospheric Science from the School of Earth Sciences within the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Science, Professor Karoly is an author of seven academic books, 13 book chapters and 73 refereed journal articles, Professor Karoly's leading research publications have been cited more than 6,500 times since 2010 in first-tier, highly ranked, multidisciplinary journals such as Nature, Nature Geoscience, Nature Climate Change and Geophysical Research Letters. A pioneer of theoretical and numerical modelling studies on the propagation of large-scale, low-frequency waves in the atmosphere, his work has enabled colleagues to observe linkages between climate anomalies at large distances across the globe and is now fundamental to all studies on atmospheric dynamics.

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