International Climate Diplomacy – The Next Steps

Free Public Lecture

International Climate Diplomacy – The Next Steps

Long-term success of the 2015 Paris Agreement negotiations will depend on implementation of the agreement. Nationally determined contributions to the mitigation and adaptation challenge are currently not sufficiently ambitious to meet the common goals of keeping global warming below 2 degrees C, or even 1.5 degree C.

What next steps can and must the international community take? How can international climate protection move forward in these times of Trump? How specifically could a process of increasing ambition work? And how can complex issues, such as loss and damage, be addressed?

An expert panel representing the perspectives of Australia, the European Union and Small-Island States will discuss the challenges, areas of contention and likely outcomes of the upcoming COP23 in Bonn, Germany.

The panel session will be chaired and moderated by Emily Gerrard, co-head Climate Change, Allens Linklaters, and a specialist environmental lawyer.


  •  Jacob Werksman
    Jacob Werksman, Principal Adviser to the European Union Directorate General for Climate Action
  • Mr Patrick Suckling
    Mr Patrick Suckling, Ambassador for the Environment
  • Ms MJ Mace
    Ms MJ Mace, Lawyer