Nicole Pomroy

Nicole is a Development Geoscientist at Woodside Energy Ltd having gained experience in Korea and Canada.

Nicole Pomroy

Nicole Pomroy studied a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in 2004 at the University of Melbourne with a major in Earth Sciences. Despite undertaking her honours thesis in metamorphic geology, she gained employment in the petroleum industry through a position on the graduate program at Woodside Energy Ltd in 2005.

Nicole’s first year on the graduate program saw her tackle petroleum exploration in North Africa. She then rotated into the specialist petroleum systems group, working with petroleum geochemistry and basin modeling. After her second year Nicole was accelerated off the graduate program to become the specialist basin modeler for Woodside having been dubbed a 'super user' by two of the worlds leading software providers.

She continued in the specialist role for over six years, conducting the company’s first high-resolution 3D migration and mixing studies, teaching petroleum systems at the Korean National Oil Company and participating in a cross-posting to Canada to aid software development and advanced migration research.

In 2012, Nicole made the transition into a Development Geoscientist position in order to broaden her skills and continue her career advancement. She is continuing to seek out new and challenging projects within Woodside.