Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of undergraduate and graduate study within Earth Sciences courses.

Medical Questionnaire

Students undertaking field trips are required to complete a medical questionnaire and submit this to the School of Earth Science's front office prior to the first excursion.

Students are advised that the University of Melbourne’s Statute #10.1.10 applies when no payment is received for relevant field trips:
"...a person who has not paid all fees or charges owing by the person to the University shall not be entitled to enroll; receive any results of assessment; graduate; receive a diploma in the University; or receive a certificate of academic record."

Medical Questionnaire


Payment for field trips, course notes and field equipment is via the Science online store.

First Year

Subject codeSubject nameExcursion locationStaff contactExcursion datesPayable byFull fee
ERTH10002Understanding Planet EarthPhillip IslandAnne-Marie Tosolini25 September - 28 September18 September$345

Second Year

Subject codeSubject nameExcursion locationStaff contactExcursion datesPayable byFull fee
ERTH20002Environmental GeosciencesPort CampbellRalf Haese28 September 201721 September 2017$90
GEOL20001Geology Of Southeast AustraliaOtway Coast Trip 1Stephen Gallagher4-9 February 201721 January 2017$600
GEOL20001Geology Of Southeast AustraliaOtway Coast Trip 2Stephen Gallagher17-22 February 201713 February 2017$600
GEOL20002Structural and Metamorphic GeologyCape LiptrapBrendan Duffy21-23 April 201714 April 2017$176
GEOL20003Minerals and MagmasWestern Victorian VolcanicsAndrea Giuliani31 March - 2 April 201723 March 2017$300 - covering both trips
Strathbogie Granite30 April 2017
GEOL20004Field Mapping and Sedimentary GeologyBuchan Trip 1Stephen Gallagher24 June - 1 July 201716 June 2017$550

Third Year

Subject code Subject name Excursion location Staff contact Excursion dates Payable by Full fee
ATOC30008 Atmospheric Composition and Processes Wombat Flux Tower Robyn Schofield 27-28 April 2017 21 April 2017 $170
ERTH30001 Hydrogeology Otway Basin John Moreau 25-26 March 2017 20 March 2017 $140
GEOL30002 Tectonics and Geodynamics East Gippsland Brendan Duffy 19-25 February 2017 12 February 2017 TBA
GEOL30006 Economic Geology Bendigo David Phillips 19 September 2017 12 September 2017 TBA
GEOL30007 Geobiology and Palaeobiology Batesford John Moreau 8-9 April 2017 3 April 2017 $140
GEOL30009 Advanced Field Geology Broken Hill Steve Boger 3-17 July 2017 27 June 2017 $650


Subject code Subject name Excursion location Staff contact Excursion dates Payable by Full fee
GEOL90005 Hydrogeology Western Victoria (Otway) John Moreau 25-26 March 201720 March 2017$140

Important Information

The 'Staff contact' is the person who is responsible for checking transport and accommodation arrangements, obtaining student attendance lists and leaving emergency contact details with the administrative staff.

Second and later year students are required to provide their own field compass, hammer and hand lends.

The Geological Hammer and Field Notebook can be purchased online.

The Compass and 10x Hand Lens may be purchased through the Co-op Book Shop on campus.

The cost of individual items is:

Buy Estwing geological hammer - $76.00

Buy Field Notebook - $19.00


Unfortunately, because of the unacceptable behaviour of a few individuals over the last few years, the School of Earth Sciences will now implement a 'Yellow Card' system. A 'Yellow Card' will be issued to any individual demonstrating unacceptable behaviour on an excursion. If a second card is issued to the same individual within a two year period then the student will have to justify to the Head of the School of Earth Sciences as to why they should continue to be enrolled at the University of Melbourne.