Name:Year:Study Level:Thesis Title:
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Name:Year:Study Level:Thesis Title:
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Butler, Tim2003PhDInverse modelling of the global methane budget during the 1990's
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Name: Year: Study Level: Thesis Title:
Cahill, E. 2006 Honours Controls on alteration and mineralisation of the Golden Gift deposit, Stawell, Western Victoria
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Calaitzis, P. 1997 Masters Regional hydrogeology and incidence of salinity, Concongella Creek catchment, Western Victoria
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Cupper, Matthew L. 2003 PhD Late Quaternary environments of playas in southwestern New South Wales
Currell, M. 2006 Honours Groundwater U-Th data as an indicator of aquifer heterogeneity and groundwater processes in the Campaspe Deep Lead aquifer system, Victoria, Australia
Czapnik, Kathryn 1998 Honours Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of Lithia Spring, Daylesford, Victoria


Name:Year:Study Level:Thesis Title:
D'Auvergne, M.A.2005HonoursAustralian neoproterozoic glaciation: a study of the Sturtian glacial deposits in the Arkaroola region, Northern Flinders Ranges , South Australia.
Dahni, R.R.0000MastersThe development of an operational forecast guidance system (draft - unknown date)
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