The geomorphology of southeastern Australia includes the deeply-weathered and dissected landscape of the Highlands, the flanking riverine and aeolian plains to the north, and the youthful basaltic province of Central Victoria which extends out onto the Western Plains in the southwest.

Bernie Joyce has worked in geology and geomorphology, and specialised in landslide studies, and volcanic studies including working on recently-active and active volcanoes in the Pacific region; his publications also include a school level text on "Volcanoes". He has hosted cooperative Australian research visits to the University of Melbourne by a volcanologist from Osaka and an earthquake fault researcher from Tokyo. He is active in Web based information use including data bases and indexes for teaching and research. For @ngis, the AGSO national geoscience index, he set-up an experimental Victorian index named @vis. With members of the GIS Laboratory and Indian geologists he has helped develop a Web site to visualise young faulting and uplift in Southern India; a paper has been published in the Journal of Cartography.

In January 1997, following early retirement, he was appointed an associate (now Senior Research Fellow) at the University of Melbourne. In January 1998 he was also appointed for three years as an Associate with CRC LEME (Landscape Evolution and Mineral Exploration) with which he works on regolith mapping of volcanic areas in Victoria using Landsat and airborne geophysical imagery. He currently supervises students working on regolith studies, landslides, physical volcanology, and neotectonics.

Disaster Index Page

Under a grant from IDNDR as Project 12/99 "Disaster Information on the Web: index to current and reliable information" 1999-2000, he has developed a Web site to provide an index to information available on the Web on disasters in Victoria. His experience with disasters includes responding to regular media request for disaster information on volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and flooding, interviews with journalists for newspapers, and radio and television appearances. He has taken part in the Australian Disaster Conference 1999, and the GDIN2001 Canberra meeting in March 2001.
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Volcanic Hazard

His recent paper on volcanic risk and hazard at the Auckland meeting on Cities on Volcanoes 2 in February 2001 was the culmination of many years of work on the young volcanoes of Southeastern Australia, which included many student mapping projects, field work and field teaching, lecture course in Volcanology, and the supervision of the only study previously made of volcanic risk in Southeastern Australia (Hilmansyah 1985) which he jointly supervised with Dr Michael Knight, then at the University of NSW. At the Auckland meeting he presented the first risk and hazard map of the Newer Volcanic Province of Southeastern Australia (Joyce 2001).
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Regolith and Neotectonics

A program of soil and regolith mapping of the lava flows, in conjunction with a geomorphic appraisal, has shown the detailed variation of activity through time across the province, and allowed estimates of the volume of lava produced at different times, and the frequency of eruption. The earlier lava flows have a deep regolith developed between 5 m.y. and 3 m.y. ago. Studies of related tropical deep weathering have been made in Fiji, and detailed chemical studies are being made with John Bonato (U.S.P., Fiji).

Geological Heritage

The assessment of geological and geomorphological sites of scientific interest in Victoria under contracts from the Australian Heritage Commission has led to the development of assessment procedures suitable for the local region, including the IDEM concept (identification, documentation, evaluation and management) in geological heritage studies. The work led to an invitation by UNESCO to join a World Heritage Group Task Force on a Global Inventory of Geological and Fossil Sites and take part in a small international Working Group on Geological Sites which met in Paris in early 1991 to draw up a list of sites of possible World Heritage significance. The Australian Heritage Commission provided a grant to carry out a national study of the methodology required for a classification system of geological, palaeontological and geomorphological sites which will allow their review on the Register of the National Estate. Bernie Joyce's work in geological heritage at the international level was recognised by an invitation to be a keynote speaker at the 1993 Malvern (U.K.) conference on Geological and Landscape Conservation, and to assist in the organisation of the meeting (Joyce, 1994). Recommendations on conservation and management of sites are provided to state and federal governments through memberships of several advisory committees.

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